Fundraise to help end
youth homelessness

Find an event, choose a challenge, fundraise as a school, or think of your own way to fundraise for Lighthouse and the young people we support every day. We’d be delighted to help you through every step of your fundraising journey. With your enormous efforts, Lighthouse will be able to reach more youth at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

How it works

Register your fundraiser!

Create your online fundraising page and help Lighthouse make a difference in the lives of children and young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. 

Start spreading the word

Share your page with friends and family and spread the word about your fundraising efforts

Raise funds and have fun!

Ask everyone you know to donate while you have fun taking part in your fundraiser. 

  • Carol Signal just donated $105.50
  • Dave Probert just donated $52.75
  • Sandra Platt just donated $52.75
  • Bonfire Heart just donated $26.38
  • Melinda just donated $105.50
  • HR Surveyors just donated $263.75
  • Adrienne Meer just donated $26.38
  • Sharon Smart just donated $211.00
  • Carole Monty just donated $10.55
  • Dee just donated $26.38
  • Simon Leadley just donated $26.38
  • Aislinn Lalor just donated $26.38
  • Louise Jardine just donated $26.38
  • Lorraine Ellis just donated $105.50
  • Patrick just registered for Lighthouse Match - Hawthorn Cricket Club
  • S and D Adelaide just donated $105.00
  • Show Division - Professional technical services for events just donated $1356.55
  • Jess Goldstein just donated $52.50
  • Casey Gleeson just donated $26.38
  • Jean Bulpitt just donated $54.00

Create your fundraiser!

a challenge

It can be anything from a tik-tok dance to giving up chocolate for the month, set yourself a challenge and kick your goals.

as a school

Give your classmates a challenge and raise funds as a school for children and young people experiencing homelessness.

a fundraiser

Get together with your friends and family and host your own fundraiser for Lighthouse!

in celebration

Raise money for a special occasion. Dedicate your birthday, wedding, or other special occasion to Lighthouse.

Need inspiration?

In a courageous quest to illuminate lives, a group of dedicated Lighthouse fundraisers embarked on the Larapinta trek. Their unwavering spirit and determination defied all odds, raising funds to bring hope and light to those in need. Watch their extraordinary journey, fueled by compassion and boundless resilience below!

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